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Universal Precautions
Street Works "UNIVERSAL" – treat ALL blood and body fluids (semen, vaginal fluids, blood) as though they are infected.

"PRECAUTIONS" – how to make sure you don’t get infected.Street Works

• Don’t touch blood or body fluids with your bare hands. Always use a barrier. Rubber gloves are best. You can also use a garbage bag, towel, or Kleenex.

• Barriers, like rubber gloves, will prevent someone else’s blood from getting into your blood through small cuts, nicks or rashes on your skin that you may not see.

• If you get blood splashed in your eyes, nose, or mouth, rinse it right away under running water and call a doctor or a public health clinic.

• If you are poked with a used needle or any sharp object with blood on it, squeeze the site, trying to force the blood out of your body (like you’re squeezing a zit). Then wash that part of the body with soap and water.

CALL THE NEEDLESTICK RESPONSE TEAM @ 480 – 6598. Try to keep the needle that you were poked with so it can be tested.
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